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Student Name: ___________________________ Recitation Section: ________________________ Economics 201 Homework 1 Professor William Dupor Due: Thurs., April 14 (in lecture or 2 pm online) Spring 2011 Total possible points: 50 Notes: (i) Homework may be turned in either electronically through the Carmen dropbox before 2pm or directly to your TA either before or immediately after Thursday’s lecture of the week it is due. If you use Carmen, you will receive a confirmation email from the Carmen system (three to four minutes following successful transmission). You must save this email. It is your proof that you submitted the homework in case your TA needs to correct an error made by the Carmen system. If you fail to receive a confirmation email and you are certain that you followed the upload directions correctly, email that homework assignment directly to your TA. (ii) Question 6 is the optional “bankable” problem and will not be counted towards this homework’s score. Answering question 6 may help you improve your overall homework score at the end of the quarter. See the syllabus for details. (iii)
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e201_hw1_spr11 - Student Name: _ Recitation Section: _...

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