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M8_FULL rev 30NOV10

M8_FULL rev 30NOV10 - Marketing Principles and Processes...

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Marketing Principles and Processes M odul e 8 Selling At trade shows, customers can be lost because they have to wait too long to talk to a salesperson. In general, timing is a crucial feature of the selling process. Personal selling and service at the right time, the time the customer is making a choice or reordering, is crucial. Personal selling and service at a time when they are not is a waste of effort and frustrating for both buyer and seller. As with all marketing efforts, personal selling is all about getting the process right. Peter R. Dickson ©Backbone Press 2009
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Sales is all about process 1 . W hat is business to business selling best practice? Salespeople are pioneers and problem solvers, front line change agents and market creators: innovation diffusers par excellence. Economic theory loves good salespeople. They make markets efficient. They do it with irrepressible enthusiasm, process thinking and political skill. They practice, first-hand, listening to the customer and serving his or her product and service needs. 1. Sales Objectives When you think about it, a lot of selling is done in marketing. A new product or service must always go through several selling efforts. First, it must be personally sold to investors or senior executives. Then it has to be personally sold to production and the salesforce. Only then does the salesforce get the chance to personally sell the product to distributors, retailers or end users. If the salesforce is not sold on the potential of the new product, then you are dead in the water! Distributors and retailers, in turn, have to sell the idea of buying the product to their customers. Often, buyers even have to sell the idea of buying the product or service to their immediate superiors in the buying organization! So, moving a new product or service from idea to production and final usage involves a lot of change management through personal selling, both inside and outside the organization. Personal selling involves much more than making a sale. Good salespeople know more about their slice of the marketplace than anyone else in the company. They know networks of customers and distributors on a personal level and are constantly crossing paths with the competition. More than anyone else in the firm, their livelihood often depends on their personal ability to change the way both the marketplace and their firm think about the products and services they must sell. During the selling process, the customer’s questions or objections may suggest changes that will greatly improve the competitiveness of the offering. Salespeople also may recognize design problems not anticipated by the inventor or producer. In short, salespeople are the change agents in the marketplace. They hasten the adoption and diffusion of new innovations and the adaptation of their company to market realities.
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M8_FULL rev 30NOV10 - Marketing Principles and Processes...

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