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scan0003 - Q 3.10 Write the equation for the principal...

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Unformatted text preview: Q 3.10 Write the equation for the principal reaction which occurs when Ca(OH)2 solution is treated with Hell) 6%. o‘ + W :3 3H 0 +CML+ (i) 1 M HCl. ' C H)a‘(a¢) ' (91) 0‘ (L3 ("eel (ii) IMNH‘lCl.‘ axon)“ i or nNqu/a/E CaCl9_+9\Ha.o amt? (an («a (65 (“at Q 3.11 Regarding Q 3.10, do these reactions go to a small or’laréeeXtent? Defend your ansvtrer. m Wwfi WW infirm we dam—ivfia awed/W VLMWW 06 NC! M Nl—iin M Ca (DH); (a?) Q 3.12 Write sentences (n_ot equations) to predict the result of treating Ca(OH)2(s) with m (i) IMHCI. HQ] “:2“; ”we? Mk6 aw} M Audi; to W as. CaCOH):L(gs M W One/i WW . (ii) 1%H4CL NHin 1}, a, MW Cocoa! O40.» S.)§¥1&—u~}_ M “Magi; .Jifliqg7 «will I’ll-oz} W @0- “thaw Test your predictions to Q 3.12 by experiments. Q 3.13 Describe experiments and results for the above. ,... HWMIMQM 1‘4an encrusted ash Marmot»... aswsgwwmmig TMMW 3-15 ...
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