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scan0009 - Q 3.36 How does the solubility of CaSO4 ZHZO in...

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Unformatted text preview: Q 3.36 How does the solubility of CaSO4 - ZHZO in acidic solution compare to its solubility in water? Defend based on the equation written in Q 3.35. seam WWW sac WWW Wood-0.1;)- Le, %W W5 OWL ngmwg’mfifiimw Mata/9“: . Test your answer to Q 3.36 by experiment. Q 3.37 Describe experiments and results for the above. “’36.“ 05W) "Rig/J, Jamar W (Casogmsoy’so; 03. WW. WT MM 42‘9"?! ‘ufl Mimi?” W‘ W WV— C¢$6H’H;€’ it: i MW 3 a% In each of four small test tubes (or vials) place 10 drops of the supernatant liquid from the CaSO4 - 2H20 preparation. Add 2 — 3 dr0ps of 6 M NH3 to each and treat respectively? by dropwise addition, with: 0.5 M gaClz; 0.5 M (NH4)ESO4; (1.25 M Ba(NOg)2 ; and l M "(NH4)2C03". Add two drops of each solution and observe. If no reaction occurs, a our eX a ops of the indicated solution to the appropriate tube. Reobserve. Q 3.38 Indicate the tubes in which a reaction occurred El write the equation for each. ’M N L‘ a 03 = CNHQLCOB + casoq , 51145.9(? Cacog Q 3.39 What conclusions may now be drawn regarding the relative solubilities of CaSO4 - ZHZO vs. BaSO4 and CaSO4 - ZHZO vs. CaCO3 in dilute NH3 solution? Defend based on results of the above experiments. (Note that your defense must consider species concentration.) ~. , TA ammdfi NH? ’ CQSOL,” H319 M“— MW whit m "Ba/SOL, Moi 6167031 _ 2 2"“ ...
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