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scan0007 - I/’(e Dal/iv S'éeUOt‘i/E Section Date...

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Unformatted text preview: I /’(e: Dal/iv S'éeUOt‘i/E Section: Date: i/PROBLEMS FOR ASSIGNMENT 4 4‘: [ll .\ P 4.1 Rewrite the formula for the ”alum" NaZSO4 - A12(SO4)3 - 24H20 to indicate the correct formula(s) for any contained hydrated ion(s). I I\[email protected]([email protected]&(SOLI)H - Iét Hap I I I P 4.2 Note that K31 for Ga(OH2)63+ is 2.5 x 10—3. Tell why this K value supports the conclusion that the "ion-dipole" model used in Assignment 4 for explaining the E I I acidity of hydratecEINGSTnietal ions, can not be applied to hydrated, non—NGS I metal ions. I [<4] [41(OH1>(¢%+ ”‘1, Lu x/o’s, ‘ I ___ . 3+ .- i A ; ‘F‘WMMGKAI W MWJ””‘W3’%“ ; i I i”: cgéaatwjéamMW/U cw . , 3+ E i I T‘Ajikwflmnmoinflwm/ A WE/LWWGK W M M CaCOHst III/13(0H; 6’“, 545M535“ Alfoagjfit an ' .001 06 want, we» N65. ’ ' ' I SWWWWM Q5 Gay—JukfioH/gfi ”(:me I W’WWWJ‘ENGmefilthJMkM-NGS i P 4.3 Imagine that Mg(OH2)5C12(s) is heated strongly. Based solely on the consider— W 4.2m; 1 I ations made in Assignment 4, it is not possible to reliably predict the products for W (54/5439 1' this reaction. Why not? [Hint '(fiipare hydration strengths for Caz+ and All3+ ZSW I to Mgz" and recall the results of the strong heating of Ca(OH2)6Cl2(S) and M (o if? F“, | A1(OH2)6C13(S).] e l I I I I I | Haws, Caéaalbcu (as came/taro; cam} Mano. R2553" AMOHQG Cl3(s) Moe 4503 Mummihaa Sm M85“ W WM m (beam an my? Jaw 14:31; anwa Jami W MKCOHJGUJ WW m M80; as M86. ‘9) ...
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