Bribery - If I was traveling on business in West Africa and...

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If I was traveling on business in West Africa, and as I leave country X, the passport control officer tells me there will be a delay of 12 hours in the "processing" of my passport. If I had to explain that my plane leaves in 30 minutes, and the official suggest that a contribution of $50.00 would probably speed things up, I would get upset. The main reason why I would get mad is that there must be a way round the 12 hour wait, because if $50 dollars can get it done it could have been done for free. This would make me very upset. To some people this may be a tempting bribe, but to me this is an insult of my intelligence and clearly against the law where I come from. “Bribery is one of the most common and controversial issues those multinational corporations face”. (Page 431)The passport control officer is making the country look bad. What if the guy in front of me flipped him a $100.00 to let him get on board with a gun? Who knows? This makes the company; the country and the passport control officer look as if they often make unethical decisions. This situation relates to the utilitarian theory, which states that, “an action is right if and only if it produces the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for everyone” (Boatright, 2009, p. 34). The passport control officer wants me to suffer if I don’t provide the $50. “They should want to prevent the greatest amount of suffering for the greatest number”. (Oak, 2010, pg. 225) All counties are different and not all of them have an absolutist position. "The absolutist position assumes that one country's standards are correct and that they should be imposed on people elsewhere, perhaps in conflict with their own moral values and principles." (Oak, 2010, pg. 225)
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Bribery - If I was traveling on business in West Africa and...

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