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1 Choicepoint. Case 6.2: Information Handling at ChoicePoint Holly Cooper OMM 640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Frank Morelli February 15, 2011 What are the major benefits of ChoicePoint's data collection?
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2 Choicepoint. Although there was data breach there were benefits of Choice Point’s data collection. Choice Point could hold almost 20 million public records and over 250 terabytes of data in its databases. Choice Point was a database that could be used by virtually and organization for just about any reason. The Federal government could use it for Shareholder statues, Firearms and explosives licenses. The State government could use the data base for Business loans, driving records, and birth or death certificates. The local government could use the database for property ownership and deed transfers. Credit Bureaus could use the database to hold social security numbers and credit histories. There are many other organizations that could utilize this database such as law enforcement, Private Investigators, Government Intelligence, Journalists, lawyers, and
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ChoicePoint - 1 Choicepoint Case 6.2 Information Handling...

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