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DB - 1 Currently Apex is a company that is archaic and...

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1) Currently Apex is a company that is archaic and antiquated. Delaney has to realize that in order for his managers and employees to be successful there will have to be some type of structure and process. Processes and structure help employees do thing the exact way that the company thinks that it needs to be done. Orientation is an important part of hiring new employees. Orientation shows new workers what is expected of them and what will not be tolerated. This will help them adjust better to the culture of the company. They should be introduced to the team that they will be working with and the management team. When there is a company that cares about the employees, results to successful workers. Interpersonal skills are a major part of motivating employees to help them accomplish goals. Interpersonal skill relies on communication. Interpersonal Skilled are used to communicate to the employees what needs to be done to reach their goals.
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