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Human Resource Challenges - Human Resource 1 Human Resource...

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Human Resource 1 Human Resource Challenges Holly Cooper OMM618 Dr. Sheila Schmitz. December 13, 2010 Abstract:
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Human Resource 2 This essay covers the two of the biggest challenges facing human resource departments today. These challenges are attracting and retaining talent and staying within a budget when they are looking for employees. This essay covers why organizations should look much further for qualified employees unlike the ways that they have done in the past. This essay also explains why Human resources should be more concerned temporally employees to help stay within their budget. Employees coming in and out of the organization can be costly. Most organizations give the Human Resource department a budget to use when hiring new employees. To guarantee that they get partial employees that can always use job listings, Job agents such temporally employment agencies, and in house employee referrals. “For those with a larger budget you can consider job fairs, Internet listings, hiring a professional recruiter, and having a company open house.” (News, 2010) Hiring full time employees can cost an organization a lot of money. This can be costly because they will have to provide insurance and other benefits to cover the employee. I employees come in from an agency the agency is responsible for the employees insurance and other benefits. This can be doing to filter out the best employees without going over their
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Human Resource Challenges - Human Resource 1 Human Resource...

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