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Jacksonville Shipyards

Jacksonville Shipyards - Jacksonville Shipyards...

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Jacksonville Shipyards Jacksonville Shipyards Holly Cooper OMM 640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Frank Morelli February 21, 2011
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Jacksonville Shipyards Lois Robinson’s Co-workers had a behaviour that was not acceptable. The behavior was discrimination and a form of sexual harassment. I do believe that they took the situation way too far. Although the behaviour of Robinson's male coworkers is morally objectionable, management should attempt to prevent it. Issues such as this can lead to bigger ones. There is a limit to everything and workers do have the right to post pictures in the work place when the pictures are appropriate and not offensive to others. This is not a personal problem that the workers should handle themselves. The Utilitarianism theory is important in this case. Although a person may be able to gauge the direct and immediate effects of his action, it is considerably more difficult to gauge the indirect and long-term effects.” (Zimmerman, 2010, pg.1)
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Jacksonville Shipyards - Jacksonville Shipyards...

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