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Leadership Style Leadership Style Holly Cooper BUS660: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership Dr. Martin Cain March 28, 2011 Identifying leadership styles will help determine the strengths and weakness in potential leaders. There are certain styles needed for particular organizations that are
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Leadership Style looking for certain leadership approaches. There are different perspectives and factors to consider, there is no single answer to how leadership is defined (Hughes, 2009, pg.6) According to the text leadership is basically "the process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals"(Hughes, 2009, pg.6) The test discussed three myths that relate to leadership they are; Good leadership is all good common sense, leaders are born not made, and the only school that you learn leadership from is the school of the hard knocks. (Hughes, 2009, pg.14-17) A leader does have to use common sense, some decisions and choices have to be made using good ethics and personal options. I do believe that a true leader is born and not made. Experts agree that successful leaders must be flexible and capable of adapting to new conditions, open to novel alternatives, and willing to take greater risks (Lamb, 2004). Every leader has their own leadership style, so there are several effective leadership styles. Some examples of leadership styles would be the Director’s Approach, Coaching Style, Facilitating Style, Delegating Approach, Self-confidence, Decisiveness, and Resilience. The most interesting styles of leadership are Coaching Style, Self- confidence, and Decisiveness. Coaching Style leadership is One of the things these leaders do best is to help
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Leadership Theories - Leadership Style Leadership Style...

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