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 .    References   Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience  (6th ed.).  Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  Leadership Because there are different perspectives and factors to consider, there is no single answer to how leadership is defined (Hughes, 2009, pg.6) According to the text leadership is basically "the process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals"(Hughes, 2009, pg.6)The test discussed three myths that relate to leadership they are; Good leadership is all good common sense, leaders are born not made, and the only school that you learn leadership from is the school of the hard knocks. (Hughes, 2009, pg.14-17) A leader does have to use common sense, some decisions and choices have to be made using good ethics and personal options. I do believe that a true leader is born and not made. Personally I am a leader, I like to help people reach their goals rather then organizing a sitting back and watch them accomplish a goal. A person can easily get management and leadership confused. Although they both work
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Leadership - . References

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