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Martha Stewart - 1 Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Holly...

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1 Martha Stewart . Martha Stewart Holly Cooper OMM 640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Frank Morelli March 1, 2011
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2 Martha Stewart . In 2007 Martha Stewart was fined $195,000 and Peter Bacanovic was fined $75,000 by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The fines levied by the SEC will prevent both Martha Steward and from Peter Bacanovic from inside trading again. This was also a lesson to the public that if they are Tipping off information they may suffer the same consequences. This fine will make others afraid to try it. This proves that no matter who you are you will get in trouble if you break the law. Daily employees have access to confidential information depending on their job title. This confidential information is not available to use for any reason other then completing job duties. This information is to not be shared for stock trading or any other reason that is not consisted of this companies business. Any confidential information about the business or its customers is not only unethical, but it is illegal. If there are employees that want to invest in any stocks there are steps and procedure that they must follow in order to do so.
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