Motivation - Motivation 1 Motivation Holly Cooper BUS 610...

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Motivation 1 Motivation Holly Cooper BUS 610 Professor Ohayia Nov. 29 th , 2010 Abstract:
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Motivation 2 This essay discusses my own leadership styles and examples of various strategies and intervention that I have found to be successful in motivating and influencing people to accomplish both their goal and my goals. Motivation is something that every employee needs in order to reach their goals. Leadership is a hard job. Leading a team consist more then just bossing people around telling them what to do. Leaders are experts in teaching and coaching their team. Leadership is an ongoing task of changing processes for continuing success at meeting goals. There are many strategies that I believe that supports goals, interpersonal, and influence. Goals are plans for achievements. “The very first step you will have to take is determining what is it what you want.” (Thomas, 2010, pg. 1)Goals can not be accomplished by the team leader alone the employee’s play a manger part in achieving goals. Part of a leader’s job is to make plans for achievements. There are various ways to set goals and make them successful. The team leader must find out the needs of the employees. There should be weekly meetings that discuss any all there questions or concerns. The employees need to know that their option matters and this will help create new ideas for success. The employees must be paid the appropriate rate for their job duties. There should be yearly raises and annual bonuses. This is a way to help motivate employees to reach their goals. This part of leadership does not only pertain to one person
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Motivation - Motivation 1 Motivation Holly Cooper BUS 610...

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