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Organization Ethics - Organization 1 Organization Ethics...

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Organization 1 Organization Ethics Holly Cooper BUS 610 Organizational Behavior Dr. Chiji Ohayia Nov. 1, 2010 Ethical issues are a major concern in organization, because that influences how it operates and society is concerned about the ethics of organizations. Organizations should do what is just, right and good. Everyday organizations face both ethical and moral
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Organization 2 issues. There always needs to be a structured approach to resolve issues that are ethic related. The proper structure to use when resolving these issues is to first identify or rectify the issues. Then the organization must clarify the issue, complete a stake holder analysis and identify the values. The organization should find a resolution, take their objectives and address them and the implement their resolution. When there is a small organization it is much easier to shape the environment with in the organization, but “responsibility for imposing ethical standards in larger organizations often becomes more diffuse.” ( Barrett, 2009, pg. 56) Regardless the size of the organization there maybe cases where people may have wrong ethic or do questionable things. In order for an organization to keep good ethics that must assure that the people within the organization has good ethics of their own. There are many individual influences that will impact ethical behavior. Influences can cause people to want to cut corners, or promote bribery. This is an example o the ethics of a sales organization. In or to reach their goals they should keep their ethics in the front of the line. Any organization can put too much pressure on the people to force
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