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1 Quality Training Quality Training Holly Cooper OMM618 Dr. Sheila Schmitz. January 10, 2011
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2 Quality Training ABTRACT: This essay discusses my role as a supervisor of employees that assemble tuning devices for cell phones. I have discovered that the quality is not what it should be and that many of my group's tuning devices have to be brought back and reworked. My boss has approached me and stated that I need to do a better job at training my employees. This essay discuss the staffing factors that may be contributing to the problem and if training is in fact the problem. Leadership is a hard job. Leading a team consist more then just bossing people around telling them what to do. Leaders are experts in teaching and coaching their team. Leadership is an ongoing task of changing processes for continuing success at meeting goals. There are many strategies that I believe that supports goals, interpersonal, and influence. Training is defined as “a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviours to enhance the performance of employees.” (Morris, 2010, pg. 266) The training provided to the employees is to minimize the impact of problems with the tuning devices. Due to my supervisor position is my job to detect and provide solutions to the problem causing the employees to build defective devices. A defective tuning device every now and then is okay, but there should not be a large amount of reoccurrences. If the problem remains unknown there will continue to be frequent incidents, where the quality of the tuning device will be returned for rework. There are many ways to assess this issue and find the root cause of the problem. In order to determine the known case of the problem I will have to keep incident records and be very
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3 Quality Training detailed about the incident. Document the known errors and compare the information to
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