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Team Building - Team Building Holly Cooper BUS 610...

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Team Building Holly Cooper BUS 610 Professor Ohayia November 22, 2010
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Team Building 2 Abstract: This essay describes a development of a successful team building exercise for conflict resolution, for an organization atmosphere. This exercise is meant for a large group of people trying to work together in a stressful environment. The purpose of this exercise is to teach the team members strategies to help them work in a peaceful environment, by addressing issues and not avoiding them. Everyone deals with conflict resolution issues every where they are. This can be issues at home, work or school. At some point and time when there are activities going on that involves more then one person a conflict will be involved. Everyone has individual personalities and will not always agree on everything. “Everyone needs to feel understood, nurtured, and supported, but the ways in which these needs are met vary widely. Differing needs for feeling comfortable and safe create some of the most severe challenges in our personal and professional relationships.” (Rahim, 2009, pg. 203)I have conducted a team building exercise for conflict resolution. The key concepts of this exercise is determining the conflict, determine what would be the best way to find a successful resolution, what emotions are developed during the conflict, and how the conflict can turn in to an opportunity for growth.
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