Walmart - 1 Sex Discrimination. Sex Discrimination at...

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1 Sex Discrimination. Sex Discrimination at Wal-Mart Holly Cooper OMM 640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Frank Morelli February 21, 2011
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2 Sex Discrimination. Wal-Mart claims the suite, which alleges the giant chain store discriminates against female employees, could cost it billions of dollars if it is upheld. Wal-Mart is a super store that is located all over the United States. The Lawsuit that the women are filing against Wal-Mart could cause some potential financial impact on Wal-Mart. Because there are so many suites being filed, they will be a large amount of money being paid out. According to Zimmerman, 2010, pg. 2, “Wal-Mart Stores will pay $11.7 million in back wages and compensatory damages, its share of employer taxes, and up to $250,000 in administration fees and will furnish other relief, including jobs, to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.” (Keenan, 2007, pg. 2)Also, “the store’s products are from food products, clothing, electronics, automotive, toys, health and beauty, jewellery, hardware sporting goods, pet supplies, home furnishing, and many more”. (Zimmerman, 2010, pg.1) So this makes this the store for women to shop at. Women not shopping at Wal-Mart could potentially have a financial impact Wal-Mart. Their next worry would be if women will continue to shop there, or will they choose a competitor that treat men and women employee’s equal. The major moral complaints of the females suing Wal-Mart, was the fact that the men employees were treated differently. I was unfair that no matter how long the women were employed there a man would get a promotion before a woman. I do believe that their moral complaint is justified. “Favouritism gives benefits to some people without a
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Walmart - 1 Sex Discrimination. Sex Discrimination at...

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