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Directions for Writing the Proposal to Your Empirical Research Paper The Goal of the Empirical Research Paper: The reason I have assigned you this short 5-7 page “Empirical Research Paper” is to introduce you to the “scientific” study of “politics” (political science). At a very basic level, this paper requires you (the student) to work as if you were a political scientist conducting research. The following excerpt ((Taken From Roskin et al: Political Science-An Introduction ), provides an excellent explanation of the general direction I want you to take in this paper: Some students come to political science supposing it is just opinions. .. Yes, we all have political views, but if we let them dominate our study we get invalid results, junk political science. Professional political scientists push their personal views well to one side while engaged in study and research. First- rate thinkers are able to come up with results that actually refute their previously held opinion. When that happens, we have real intellectual growth, an exciting experience that should be your aim. Your first task (due February ___, 2011/See your course syllabus), is to formulate a valid paper proposal on a political topic that interests you. The paper proposal should not be more than a few sentences.
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PS.102.101.Proposal.Directions - Directions for Writing the...

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