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HOMEWORK - running the red light was observed on 100...

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1. - Find the value of t0 such that the following statement is true P(-t0 < t <  t0)=.90 where df= 14 2. - How many tissues should a package of tissues contain? Researchers have determined  that a person uses an average of 53 tissues during a cold. Suppose a random sample of  10,000 people yielded the following data on the number of tissues used during a cold: x =  41, s = 17. Using the sample information provided, calculate the value of the test statistic  for the relevant hypothesis test. 3.- a random sample of 250 students at a university finds that these students take a mean  of 14.8 credit hours per quarter with a standard deviation of 1.8 credit hours. Estimate the  mean credit hours taken by a student each quarter using a 98% confidence interval. 4.- the number of cars running  a red light in a day, at a given intersection, possesses a  distribution with a mean of 4.8 cars and a standard deviation of 3. The number of cars 
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Unformatted text preview: running the red light was observed on 100 randomly chosen and the mean number of cars calculated. Describe the sampling distribution of the sample mean. 5- the sampling distribution for p is approximately normal for a large sample size n, where n is considered large if both n p>= 15 and n(1-p)>=15 TRUE OR FALSE 6.-A random sample of 4000 U.S citizens yielded 2250 who are in favor of gun control legislation. Estimate the true proportion of all Americans who are in favor of gun control legislation using 98% confidence interval. 7.- the average score of all golfers for a particular course has amean of 74 and a standard deviation of 4.5. Suppose 81 golfers played the course today. Find the probability that the average score of the 81 golfers exceed 75....
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