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#include <cstdlib> // preprocessor directive #include <iostream> // preprocessor directive # using namespace std; //Used to avoid overlapping global identifier names u int main(int argc, char *argv[]) //main function of the C++ program { // Written by Professor B. Parham - July 21, 2009 /* Two arrays have been defined in this program, testAvg[10] (data type is double and name[10] a data type string. Notice how the arrays are used in this program */ /* This program was viewed and edited by Adam Cruz on November 20, 2010 */ double classAvg, count, sum, testAvg[10]; // defining variables string name[10]; // variable used to store a string of characters // initializing count, sum and testAvg to 0 int index, numProcess; count = 0; sum = 0; name[1]= ""; // indicates name[1] is an empty or null string testAvg[1] = 0; index = 0; // prompting user to enter a student's name and Average test score cout<<"ENTER STUDENT'S NAME & TEST AVERAGE" cout<<"Separate the entries with a blank space on the same line"<<endl;
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This note was uploaded on 04/11/2011 for the course COP 2001 taught by Professor Jeffburton during the Spring '11 term at Daytona State College.

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Adam_Cruz_Loop_Avg_Arrays - #include /...

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