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Comm Group procces paper - 1 Samantha Campbell March 5 2011...

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Samantha Campbell March 5, 2011 Comm 150 Marianne Herr Group Process Paper My group consisted of Brett Lascara, Jamie Martin, JoAnna Garner and Anthony Morris. Our chosen perspective of human communication was leadership. We developed a subtopic of virtual leadership in today’s world; including how to be a good virtual leader, to popular Internet sites to lead virtually, and the pros and cons of technology involved in virtual leadership. Our team was very successful in dividing the work and research load, writing and evolving our speech, and properly and effectively delivering our information on virtual leadership to our audience. Our team made decisions as a whole; we would discuss and decide on ideas and process together. We assumed certain work roles simply by doing tasks we were best at. We never decided on roles, but we individually found ourselves taking on certain positions. For example, at the start of the project, JoAnna mentioned she is very well organized, and mid-way through planning and organizing our speech, she was the one scheduling meetings and sending our group email updates.
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Comm Group procces paper - 1 Samantha Campbell March 5 2011...

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