Assignment 4 - Problem 2. Using the properties of CTFT,...

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School of Engineering Science Simon Fraser University ENSC-380, Spring 2009 Assignment 4 Due Date: March 18th, 4 PM, ENSC-380 Drop Box (Assignments handed in any time after 4 PM of the due date will be date stamped and considered late.) Note: for each of the following problems provide the detailed solution and show the steps to reach the final answer. Feel free to use the FT properties/tables wherever needed and mention the names of the properties/table pairs you have used. Problem 1. Find the CTFT of the following convolution: x ( t ) = 5 cos( t ) * δ ( t + 1)
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2. Using the properties of CTFT, show that the magnitude of the CTFT of a real-valued signal, x ( t ), is an even function, i.e., X ( f ) = X (-f ) Problem 3. (a) Using the following FT pair tri[ n 2 ] 1 + cos(2 F ) compute the DTFT of x [ n ] given as x [ n ] = tri[ n 2 ]-tri[ n-1 2 ] (b) Now, compute the DTFT of y [ n ] given as y [ n ] = 1 2 ( [ n + 1] + [ n ]- [ n-1]- [ n-2] ) Compare the answer with the one obtained in part (a). Any conclusion? 1...
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