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Apple has been able to control the design and the development of their hardware and software for all of their products since they have started with their business in 1976. By doing this, they have been able to keep their sales up for the fact that they have the best product in the business. However, Apple is continuing their design and development to higher standards than they are known for doing. They have with their sales of their first generation iPhone up to the new iPhone 4; each upgrade has been improvement for the customer who uses the phone quite frequently. On the investment side for researching and development of new software they, as we have said,
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Unformatted text preview: have been improving each iPhone so it can do more things. This impact of coming up with new software has to cost millions of dollars however they are making up for that money spent by the number of consumers wanting the newest version of the iPhone. As they continue to keep out doing themselves they are making it harder to keep costs down on both sides. Meaning they either needs to keep their sales down on purchasing ideas or coming up with them on their own and buying products to better their software system and even their design of the product in questioning....
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