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week 3 team assignment

week 3 team assignment - Apple/Strategic Initiative 1...

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Apple/Strategic Initiative 1 Apple’s Strategic Initiative Learning Team D: Jared Rollins, Jason Martin, Marsha Spiering, Rusty Fife, and Pedro Recillas University of Phoenix Finance for business FIN/370 W. Mac Serda October 24, 2010
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Apple/Strategic Initiative 2 Apple’s Strategic Initiative When we think of Apple Inc., we think of, cutting edge, modern, and trend setting gadgets. Apple consciously has dedicated its time and efforts to develop very successful technological devices and launch them in such a way that they are the undisputable most desired items in the market even before they become available for sale. Apple continues today to live up to successful business strategy and fame. The most currently release of the iPad is a confirmation that the strategy has worked well in the past and in today’s competitive market continues to be a segment that Apple dominates. Apple has been able to deliver on the self generated expectation of the new items before being officially presented to the general public. Apple’s ability to design and develop its own operating system, hardware and software for all its applications and all of its products, including the personal computer, mobile communications and consumer electronics devices, gives Apple and advantage that the company will continue to exploit. Research and development strategies give Apple the opportunity to provide its customers new products and solutions they need and want. Apple products are best known for products with superior ease−of−use, seamless integration, and innovative industrial design. Innovation puts Apple well above the rest by enhancing its dominance in the market and using the power of influence wisely. Apple believes that continual investment in research and development is critical to the development and enhancement of
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week 3 team assignment - Apple/Strategic Initiative 1...

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