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MCRO 251 Study guide for Quiz # 1 Tuesday lab_Spring 2011 Material from lab Powerpoint slides and the lab manual is fair game for the quiz! This study guide is to guide you in your preparation. Good luck! Know the different parts of the microscope o Know what is resolving power o Why do we use immersion oil? Know the difference between a light microscope and a phase contrast microscope o What can you observe with a phase contrast microscope? o Brownian vs. direction motion Know how to write the names of bacteria and be familiar with them. Know the gram staining procedure and why the staining works. o What color should gram positive and negative organisms be? Why? o What is a counter-stain? o Why is it important to counter-stain during a gram stain? Understand the principles/ purpose of negative stain, acid fast stain, spore stain, capsule stain What does aseptic technique mean? o
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