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Lecture Schedule-Spring 2011 - Jan 27 Microbial growth...

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Lab Schedule Lab coats, disposable gloves, protective eyewear are suggested for the first lab and REQUIRED for the remaining labs. Any lab coat (short/long, disposable) works. Lecture Schedule www.mhhe.com/nester6 Reading for class . Assigned animations will be indicated on the lecture outlines. Blackboard quizzes: there will be a 30 min timed quiz available during this period. Quiz 1: noon on Jan. 21 until noon on Jan. 23 Quiz 2: noon on Feb. 25 until noon on Feb. 27 Quiz 3: noon on April 9 until noon April 11 Extra credit discussion forum starts: Feb.8 Jan. 11 1.Labs start this week Introductory lab Ch. 3.1 Overview: Intro to pathogens: bacteria, eukaryotes, viruses, Ch.1-all, Ch. 3.3-3.13; Ch. 13.1, Ch.14.1 Jan. 13 Fungi, Protozoans, Helminths Ch. 12.2-12.3, 12.5 Jan. 18 2. Aseptic Technique, Gram stain Ch. 3.2 DNA/mRNA/Protein Ch. 7 Jan. 20 Microbial genetics Ch 8.1-8.4; 8.6-8.9; Ch. 13.3-13.4 Jan. 25 3. Culture Transfer, Streak plating, Oxygen needs, Gram stain Ch. 4.3 Microbial genetics, cont
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Unformatted text preview: . Jan. 27 Microbial growth Ch.4.1- 4.2; 4.4-4.5; Ch. 14.1-14.4 Feb. 1 4.Isolation/Phage titration Ch. 4.7-4.8 Lab Quiz 1 Control of Microbial Growth Ch. 5.1-5.6 Feb. 3 Antibiotics; and antibiotic resistance Ch. 21 Feb. 8 5. Hand flora, Nasal swab, Bacterial transformation Biotechnology Ch. 9 Feb. 10 Test 1 Feb. 15 6.FOOD LAB, Nasal streak plate Conjugation Non-specific immunity ( Ch. 15) Host-Microbe interactions (chapter 17.5- 17.9 we will be discussing these throughout this section-look for specific figures in lecture notes.) Feb. 17 Non-specific immunity Feb. 22 7. Control of Microbial Growth Start Specific Immunity-Ch. 16 (next 3 lectures) Feb. 24 T cell activation March 1 8. ELISA and Immunology Lab Quiz 2 B cell activation March 3 Antibody and antibody responses March 7-11 No labs Spring Break March 15 9. Biochem. Characteristics Ch.10.2 Immunological disorders -Chapter 18 March 17 Transplantation Autoimmune diseases Ch. 18 cont....
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