Introduction - M icrobiology 251 Labs start on Tuesday Jan...

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Microbiology 251 Labs start on Tuesday, Jan 11th. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR LAB!!! I. Class overview: everything is posted on Blackboard. 1. Please read the syllabus. Most information regarding this class is addressed there. 2. Make sure that your blackboard email address is correct and is the one you primarily use. I send a lot of emails and if your email address is not correct you will miss a lot of information. To modify your email address go to Student Central: on the left hand side, go to Modify Campus Directory Email address. 3. Lecture outlines will aid you in determining information for which you will be held responsible in class. As I will not cover everything in the book, the lecture outlines will focus on the information I think is important. I will expect you to take notes and fill in your lecture outlines. Additionally, I will post my PowerPoints as notes starting with the second part of class (immunology). For the initial introductory part of class (up to the first exam) I want you to use and read the book and get used to looking up information in the textbook. 4. Animations for the book can be found at A. To see the animations you DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER YOUR BOOK. To access the animations, go to this site and click on the RESOURCES link on the blue bar at the top left-hand part of the page. B. Animations will be over the ANIMATION QUIZZES and not the regular animations unless specified and are found in the specific chapters. 5. Clicker questions: Two to three question for each lecture. One will always cover material presented in the previous class. I will also assign homework (usually specific animations to watch or specific textbook readings). I am planning on asking enough questions so that you can miss three class periods. 6. You must be registered for lab, it is a required component of class. For the first lab you should have a lab coat, protective eyewear, and a box of disposable gloves. The pre-lab assignments will be turned in electronically. 1
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Animations assigned: Remember! You do not need to register or actually take the quizzes. But watch the animations. I usually ask questions directly taken from the animations. Animations for homework for Sept. 2nd Chapter 3: Animation Quiz - Prokaryotic Cell Shapes Animation Quiz - Bacterial Endospore Formation Additional animations assigned for class Chapter 3: Animation Quiz - Lysosomes Animation Quiz - How Diffusion Works Animation Quiz - How Osmosis Works Animations for lab: Animation Quiz - Gram Stain II. Chapter 1: Is a nice overview of microbiology. We will discuss some of it as we go through subsequent lectures, so please read it. Bacteria, Eukaryotes and Viruses are the primary players in infectious pathogenicity that we will discuss in this class. 1.
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Introduction - M icrobiology 251 Labs start on Tuesday Jan...

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