lab report 8 - What is the Cost of Five Billion Nails...

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What is the Cost of Five Billion Nails? Introduction. In this experiment, nails coated with zinc were placed in hydrochloric acid which measured the amount of zinc on the nails which would determine the price needed to be charged by a business. Two methods: gravimetric and gasometric, were used to measure the amount of zinc left on the nail after the reaction. The mass of zinc on the nail were determined from the mass difference and using the ideal gas law. The three trials conducted allowed for better accuracy in determining the amount of zinc left and the price it would cost for five billion nails. Experimental Procedure. An apparatus was used to conduct the hydrogen gas collection from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with the zinc coated nail ( + + + + + ) Zns 2H3O aq Zn2 aq 2H2Ol H2g . A beaker was filled with water as the graduated cylinder was placed inside the beaker. A tube extended from the Erlenmeyer flask to the beaker with the end inside the graduated cylinder. Three nails were used; one for each trial, and the mass of each nail was measured before each trial. Hydrochloric acid filled the flask and the nail was dropped inside. The gas produced by the reaction was captured inside the graduated cylinder, signaled by the bubbles. Then the mass of the nail was measured after the trial and the difference was recorded. Pressure measurements were received from the barometer inside the lab room
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lab report 8 - What is the Cost of Five Billion Nails...

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