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Website Evaluation Form- San-Martin 1. Authority e Is the website government or academically funded (.gov or .edu)? o No e If so, what is the organization? Is it relevant, does it have the qualifications to write an article on this subject? o N/A e Does the organization how contact info, along with the author of the article? o N/A e If not, what is it (.com, .mil, .org, .net, .uk or run by an individual)? o .com e Is the author listed and does he/she have their own personal website that lists qualifications? o Yes. e Can I contact the author of the site if I have questions, comment or concerns? o Yes 2. Purpose and Accuracy e Does the actual website name tell you anything? For example: is a joke website. o Martin This is an article from the encyclopedia about Jose de San Martin e Why was this website created? Are they trying to get you to buy something?
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Source 3 - Website Evaluation Form...

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