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Webwork 20: Modernization and Dependency Theories of Development Points: 50 Directions: A lasting legacy of Imperialism in the late 19th and 20th centuries was the division of the world into the haves and the have-nots. Others have described this situation using First, Second and Third World motifs or a North-South division. Two sociological theories were proposed to explain this situation. The first was called "Modernization" theory and the second was called the "Dependency" Theory. I have included a set of notes/definitions below. Your assignment is to find out what they are and then answer the question below. Your essay should be in the 1000 to 1500 word range and should include citations and/or "website evals". Your textbook is a good place to start as there is a reading on page 613 which discusses these very issues. Essay Question: "What account for differences in wealth between rich and poor countries?" Use the two theories (Modernization & Dependency) to explain your reasoning. Background Information: Modernization Rostow Theory (one on the major proponents of Modernization Theory) For Rostow, the processes of change were simpler. He suggested that "all societies can be placed in one of five categories, or stages of economic growth":The first stage: traditional society. Output is limited because of the inaccessibility of science and
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technology. Values are generally "fatalistic", and political power is non- centralized. The second stage: The preconditions for take-off. There are clusters of new ideas favoring economic progress arising, and therefore new levels of education, entrepreneurship, and institutions capable of mobilizing capital. Investment increases, especially in transport, communications and raw materials, with a general direction towards commercial expansion. But, in accordance with Rostow, traditional
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Webwork 20 - Webwork 20: Modernization and Dependency...

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