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Comparison Chart - American Revolution Cause Political...

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American Revolution Cause: Political unrest. The colonists were not happy with the way that the British government was treating them. The British government felt that the colonies should be used for the betterment of England, and did not care about the people in America. Therefore, the colonist decided that they should not be taxed without representation and believed that they should have equal rights. Compared: The citizens wanted everyone to be equal, and they fought for equal liberties and chances. They did not want an outside source dictating them when they had no other option. ------------------------------------------------- Personalities: George Washington was the first president of America after it had won the revolution in 1789, but during the struggle he was an impressive general. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of America. Compared: All of the men involved in either revolution were powerful and strong. However, the battles in France were not as prominent as in America. The generals in America had to fight gruesome battles, but some of the leaders in France were merely political puppets. ------------------------------------------------- Events: The major event was the British’s attempts to create new taxes, and one of those bills was The Stamp Act of 1765. These unjust taxes were crushing the American people. The Americans wanted a new government where they French Revolution Cause: The causes of this revolution were clearly social and political. The Enlightenment provided a base for the citizens to stand on, and the victory in
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Comparison Chart - American Revolution Cause Political...

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