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Points: 50 Directions: Create a comparison chart for the two revolutions using your word processor. Using information from the textbook and around the web, complete the entries for the following categories: Causes/Origins: include information about political, economic, social and any other causes. Personalities: Include background on who they were, their importance in the revolution, dates, etc. Events/Phases: Include the major events that occurred in the revolution. For the French
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Unformatted text preview: Revolution, identify the major phases of the revolution. Results/Outcomes: Include what changes happened as a result of these revolutions, what effect they had on world history, etc. If you use an outside source (other than textbook which In highly recommend you do), then please provide a biblio. or citation for the source. If it is an Internet or web source, make sure you do a "Website Eval Form" also and submit....
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