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Geo Skills 11: Russian Expansion Points: 50 Directions: You will need to create 2 blank outline maps for Russia or Asia (see Geo Skills 2). Use an atlas & maps on pages 407, 409 & 414 to do the following (you may have to draw in rivers etc.): A) Map 1 (Blank Map of Russia or Asia) 1. Locate & Label Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Black Sea, caspian Sea, Aral Sea, bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Amur River, Lena River, Enisey River, Ob River, Volga River & Ural Mountains 2. Color in area of "Principality of Muscovy, 1462" 3. 4. make a color-coded legend. B) Map 2 (Blank Map of Russia or Asia)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Color in area or Russian Empire acquired by Peter the Great (to 1725) 2. Color in area of Russian expansion under Catherine the Great & Paul 1, 1801 3. Make a color coded legend. Once you have completed your map/s you will need to send it to instructor. You can accomplish this by several ways: 1. Scan map into a file. Most scanners today have a "one button" system to do this. 2. If no scanner available, then borrow a friend's scanner. Kinkos also has scanners. 3. Take a picture of map using digital camera. 4. If you have Photo editing software then you can work on map without any paper. 5. Submit the map to your instructor....
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