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Geo Skill 10

Geo Skill 10 - B Using Map 2 1 locate and color Ottoman...

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Geo Skill 10: Europe, Renaissance to Absolute Monarchy Points: 50 Directions: You will need to create 2 blank outline maps for Europe (see Geo Skills 2). Use an atlas & A) Using Map 1 (blank Europe Map) locate and label: 1. Baltic Sea, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Black Sea, Venice, Genoa, Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Buda, London, Constantinople 2. Color in Catholic Areas of Europe 3. color in Protestant areas of Europe 4. color in Eastern Orthodox areas of Europe 5. 6. make a legend
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Unformatted text preview: B) Using Map 2: 1. locate and color Ottoman Empire 2. locate and color area of Holy Roman Empire 3. locate and color areas of Bourbon control 4. make a legend Once you have completed your map/s you will need to send it to instructor. You can accomplish this by several ways: 1. Scan map into a file. Most scanners today have a "one button" system to do this. 2. If no scanner available, then borrow a friend's scanner. Kinkos also has scanners. 3. Take a picture of map using digital camera. 4. If you have Photo editing software then you can work on map without any paper. 5. Submit the map to your instructor....
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