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schedule - Physics 8.902 Astrophysics II Galaxy Dynamics...

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W 3-Sep What is a galaxy? F 5-Sep Constructing theoretical galaxies M 8-Sep Key observations of real galaxies: I W 10-Sep Key observations of real galaxies: II F 12-Sep Stellar orbits in spherical potentials M 15-Sep Stellar orbits in axisymmetric potentials: the epicyclic approximation W 17-Sep Spiral structure in disk galaxies F 19-Sep Theoretical stellar dynamics: the CBE and Jeans' equations M 22-Sep Student Holiday – No classes W 24-Sep Stability of galaxy disks F 26-Sep Stellar populations, the initial mass function, and spectral synthesis M 29-Sep Galactic chemical evolution W 1-Oct History of the Galaxy and formation of the Milky Way F 3-Oct Supermassive Black Holes and Active Galactic Nuclei M 6-Oct An overview of galaxy clusters W 8-Oct Cosmology: introduction, expansion dynamics of the universe F 10-Oct General relativistic cosmology: metric and Friedmann equations M 13-Oct Columbus Day – No classes W 15-Oct GR & Cosmology II: energy densities F 17-Oct Gravitational lensing M 20-Oct IN-CLASS EXAM
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