EEB151A Winter 2011 Final Multiple Choice Answers

EEB151A Winter 2011 Final Multiple Choice Answers - Geckos...

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Geckos are: (A) capable of running across water; (B) capable of walking on nearly any solid surface by having specialized feet with microscopic hooks; (C) lizards that have the highest densities of any lizard population on earth; (D) lizards with prehensile tails; (E) the most unusual of any reptiles in that they are omnivores that eat both plants and invertebrates. For a lineage of six plant species having basically the same type of flower and using the same pollinator but with only one species blooming in a given month. This situation fits a model of: (A) decreased resource diversity; (B) increased ecologic overlap; (C) increased productivity; (D) minimized niche overlap; (E) precocial development. Which part of a flower produces pollen grains?: (A) anther; (B) calyx; (C) filament; (D) pistil; (E) receptacle. Of the following, which WOULD NOT be a good general descriptor of mangrove trees?: (A) evergreen; (B) halophyte; (C) leaves often salty in an osmotic sense; (D) particularly spiny; (E) with special forms of roots. How is cassava ( Manihot ) prepared as a food for people living in tropical forests?: (A) A dough or paste is made from soft root tissues, and after it has been detoxified, the dough is cooked or baked into a carbohydrate-rich product; (B) Bark is removed from the stem, and then the bark is ground as a seasoning; (C) Leaves are dried and used to make a caffeine-rich herbal tea; (D) Seeds are pounded into a paste and cooked like a pancake over a fire; (E) Stem is crushed, and the liquid is fermented and used as an alcoholic beverage. What serves as the airfoil for the flying dragon?: (A) a greatly flattened, winglike tail; (B) lateral flaps of skin supported by extended ribs; (C) skin flaps along forearms and also webbed feet; (D) skin flaps stretched between body and legs but without support of ribs; (E) skin stretched outward by highly modified arms and fingers.
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Choose the most important biosphere function performed by mangroves: (A) Below the waterline, mangroves serve as a huge fish nursery for tropical oceans; (B) Birds have their favorite nesting sites in mangrove because there are no major predators but lots of tasty plant foods; (C) Mudflats of mangrove of today become the lowland rain forest of tomorrow (succession); (D) These are biodiversity hotspots with thousands of endemic plant and vertebrate species; (E) None of the above, because mangrove is not a very important type of forest. Origins of many unrelated plants in the Neotropics pollinated more or less exclusively by hummingbirds is an example of: (A) commensalism; (B) convergent evolution; (C) divergent speciation; (D) intraspecific competition; (E) self-compatibility. According to the panel, what international convention was adopted in 1992/93 to combat
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EEB151A Winter 2011 Final Multiple Choice Answers - Geckos...

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