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Answer Key - This is the outermost part of a flower in bud...

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This is the outermost part of a flower, in bud forming a cover over the sexual parts: (A) calyx; (B) corolla; (C) pistil; (D) receptacle; (E) stamen. What do the tamandua, aardvark, pangolin, and sloth bear have in common? All: (A) are arboreal, living in the high branches of tropical canopy; (B) are covered with long fur; (C) are xenarthrans; (D) have adaptations to feed on termites; (E) live in tropical Africa. Which of the following would be an example of temporal reproductive isolation?: (A) Male frogs of different, closely related species in the same pool of water but use different mating calls to attract females; (B) Potentially mating, closely related species of orchids or heliconias bloom in totally different months of the year; (C) Species of antwrens live in one hectare of tropical forest but each species occupies a different horizontal zone; (D) Species of tinamous native to Costa Rica each occupy a different type of forest; (E) Sperm of one species of anole lizard is not capable of fertilizing eggs of a female in another species. Eld’s deer: (A) are the fastest runners of all artiodactyls; (B) have males and also females with impressive racks of antlers, which is important in the mating ritual; (C) is a species native to a tropical deciduous forest in Southeast Asia (Myanmar); (D) males fight viciously, much like species of sheep, by violently banging their heads to determine who is the champion and therefore who mates with the females; (E) tend to be browsers, just like our white-tailed deer of the United States; (F) Two of the above. According to the charts and graphs presented during lecture, the pressure to do extensive logging of tropical forests is coming mainly from: (A) a movement to solve the world’s hunger problems by raising crops and cattle in the vast regions currently occupied by wet tropical forest; (B) a strong consumer demand from eastern Asia, where native forests are mostly gone; (C) capitalist Americans, who own all the major logging companies cutting down tropical forests; (D) European corporations needing to fill the world’s demand for furniture, such as Ikea; (E) mostly is due to tropical wood consumption by the United States and Canada. .
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For the Satin Bowerbird: (A) A female sings by a fig tree loaded with fruits, so that she will be chosen as a mate by the most aggressive male; (B) A harem arrangement permits a male to house the nests of his numerous females under one large structure, his bower; (C) Each bower is glued together with saliva from enormous glands; (D) Males display their artsy creations, their bowers, so that a female will choose him to mate; (E) The bower is provisioned with lots of dry fruits and seeds, enough to feed the female during her four weeks sitting on the nest. The keyhole-type flower describes:
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Answer Key - This is the outermost part of a flower in bud...

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