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Matching 1. Bee Hummingbird Broad-winged Hawk Cacique Colugo/Flying Lemur Cuban Emerald Double-wattled Cassowary fish eagle Flying Dragon Flying Foxes Flying Gecko Giant Tinamou Harpy Eagle hornbill King Vulture Kori Bustard macaw manakins megapode peacock Potoo Resplendent Quetzel Satin Bower Bird Scissor-tailed Hummingbird sicklebill __ flying dragon ____this ectotherm of Borneo evolved an airfoil with lateral flaps supported by ribs and extended from the body for flight ___ fish eagle ___we saw this bird of prey from Madagascar snatching its ectothermal meal from a river _ Giant Tinamou__ _a ground bird and weak flyer of lowland humid forest of Central America, hunting mostly for fruits and seeds that have dropped from the trees __ megapode __ the parent of this Pacific island/Australian bird uses the heat of a compost pile to incubate the eggs _ Bee Hummingbird _an endemic of Cuba, the smallest of all extant birds and a nectar feeder __ Cacique ___this colorful species of the oriole family lives forms many hanging, woven nests in the canopy of a tree _ colugo/flying lemur ___the sole living form of the mammalian order Dermoptera from Southeast Asia
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