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Conversations of the West Spring 2007, Prof. Baker Midterm Guidelines Materials The exam will cover all of the reading and lectures for Units One and Two. Breakdown of the exam: * 6 terms to define [12 points: 2 points each] * 4 passages to identify and analyze [20 points: 5 points each] * 2 short-answer questions [18 points: 9 points each] Section 1: Terms You will be asked to define six key terms from the lectures. A couple of sentences should be sufficient. Section 2: Passages You will be asked to identify and analyze four passages from the readings. For each of the passages, you should first identify the author and work, and then explain the significance of each passage in relation to the text from which it is taken; be prepared to draw a few connections in each response. Passages will be ones that exemplify the works' key themes and ideas, and so, even if you do not recall the particular passage, you should be able to recognize the author/work and discuss its significance. When analyzing, you should ground your discussion in the language of the passage
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