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Prometheus Bound Assignment 2-3 pages (please note: two pages should be at least two full pages of text) Due Monday, April 23 To stage a play is to interpret the written work. Often stage productions cut, revise, or add to the original text, and even a production that is very faithful to the original involves choices with casting, scenery, props, costumes, and acting (if you have read a book and then watched a film adaptation, you know how a movie can differ from what you had imagined as a reader). For this assignment, consider the kinds of choices that went into staging Prometheus Bound at the Classic Stage Theater. Select one choice and discuss its significance. You might consider the following questions, though you need not address
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Unformatted text preview: all of them: Did you find the choice effective or ineffective? Can you imagine the reasons for making the choice in the first place? Did the choice seem consistent or inconsistent with the play as you had previously understood it? If the latter, did it make you rethink how you had previously understood the play? This is a flexible assignment and we are open to the various ways you might respond to it; we do, however, want papers to indicate that you watched the play carefully and spent some time thinking about it. We are not looking for the kind of carefully formulated thesis of the regular papers, but we still expect a focused, thoughtful analysis of how this staging interprets the written text....
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