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A Band simple plan - masculine power however one day when...

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A Band simple plan’s song Perfect Typical teenageboy’s grumble can’t grow up as his father expected father’s expectation: satiating an ideal Indy: the world of ideal men dominates machine for normal people whose lives are mainly dominated by machines, the world of Indy 500 is an idealized world however people castigates about the world of Indy why? May be because they can’t be one of them Jamaica Kincaid’s on seeing England for the First Time: the wider gap between the ideal and the reality, the more hatred people grows for their ideals Her incidents with England: negative therefore would simple hatred just created the massive opposition for the Indy 500? Kristen E. Hughes: I’ll be my own hero maybe suggests the solution for this problem: being self-respective the writer always wanted to be a hero like in Ulysses, envying
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Unformatted text preview: masculine power however one day when she saw the reality of her idealized masculine world, she grew hatred with her idealized world maybe she still envied her ideal, she adored her boyfriends spirit of liberty, freedom however she just decided to be self-respective instead of growing hatred or just adoring her ideal as idiot The song of simple plan ends with And now I try hard to make it I just wanna make you proud Im never gonna be gwood enough for you I can't pretend that im alright And you can't change me. Instead of changing himself as his father planned, he respects what he really wants to do, saying you cant change me! we cant end up just being adoring our ideals. We have to make our movement in our reality. Instead of looking our ideals, we have to do our best....
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