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Modern american society is mostly dominated by machines however there is one place that men gets total domination of machines; the world of the Indy 500 Fusell asserts that the Indy 500 can be summarized into many words, namely Class, Social, commercial event however there is more to say about the Indy 500, in that it has some ritualistic aspect man controlling machines so for some people the world of Indy 500 where men get total control of machines would be the idealistic world. Then why people so oppose for the Indy racing? Fusel notes that people oppose for the Indy racing for security reasons the Indy 500 is extremely dangerous More than that: Jamaica Kincaid’s essay On Seeing England First Time shows that it would not be the dangerousity that people so oppose the Indy 500 for. Ref.: “People have a tendency…”
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Unformatted text preview: Simple hatred just created massive opposition for the Indy? Not really. Kristen E. Hughes: I’ll be my own hero Self-respect; making them unique and heroes of the daily lives Conclusion: 1. in the world of Indy, there aren’t only drivers. There are audiences that celebrates the Indy 500 that don’t seem to be heroes however they are the true heroes, that they make the Indy 500 ‘fun.’ Had it not for them the Indy 500 would have been just a mere competition among Drivers 2. however because audiences celebrate cars, drivers, domination of machines by men, though unconsciously, the Indy 500 becomes the important festival, for everyone 3. knowing this or not, audiences are very important factor in the Indy 500, and they unconsciously respect themselves 4. Similarly in the real world, …...
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