It was raining hard

It was raining hard - It was raining hard, and I was in the...

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It was raining hard, and I was in the middle of Soho, looking for artwork necessary for the next day’s assignment. I was completely soaked, like a sewer rat, and an hour of wandering had exhausted me. A seemingly easy quest, to “find an artwork you immediately fall in love with”, proved to be far more demanding than I had expected. After meandering for another 30 minutes, I finally found a rather rudimentary painting of a boy sleeping with his dog, at a small art gallery. The moment I saw this painting, I knew it was there for me. The painting was like an albatross among the flock of geese. Midst the paintings that were trying to emulate the reality to the highest synchronization, there stood my painting, away from exact reality and sketched with few crude, coarse brushstrokes. It was as if it were drawn by a kindergarten-age child. The dog, the boy and the objects are painted with itself was distinctive in that it looks as if it were drawn by a kindergarten-age child: the objects and characters in the painting are delineated with thick black lines, giving the painting a general feeling of blurriness. Also, the artist had mainly used red and yellow paints, giving the painting an atmosphere of warmth. When I saw this, it reminded me of a childhood dream. Ever since I was very young, I’ve had a strangely poignant yearning for happiness. Back then, I did not have a clear idea of what a happy life would be, but I always thought of something warm, comfortable, and yet also exciting, like those scenes in TV commercials where family members gather during a holiday and have a fun time at family restaurants like T.G.I.F. or Swiss Chalet. Like the painting I chose, with its warm atmosphere but indistinct images, my vision of a happy life has never been particularly clear. In 2000, when I was in grade 6, my father installed an internet connection for my computer. With this mighty tool at hand, I would web-surf all day long, looking for interesting photos or downloading computer games. One day, I accidentally stumbled upon a website named “Humor University.” As is clear from its name, Humor University was not an actual university but rather something close to Yahoo Blog, where people would upload funny pictures or jokes. Because adolescent students were the main users of this website, the site had many cartoons and anecdotes about high school life. To the eye of an elementary student, the life of high school students seemed to me not only heavenly but also a bit thrilling: they would play computer games at an Internet Café all night or meet girlfriends. Indeed, I was under the illusion that once I become a high school student, I would lead a happy, dream-
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It was raining hard - It was raining hard, and I was in the...

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