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Hae Dong Yoo December 18, 2006 Professor Parmiter Writing the Essay Dear Professor Parmiter Greetings from your student. I am very grateful to address what I’ve learned throughout the course in this semester. In the course I had a quite an experience that I can’t get from my daily life—being a writer. As a writer from a foreign country, I’ve learned to express my thoughts with more clarity and logics. When I first came to the class, I was quite nervous with the fact that I’m to write two essays for each week. As a highschool graduate from Korea, I barely had an opportunity to write an essay in English. Even if I write, I could only write two pages as a maximum. Therefore I was not sure whether I could write well or not.
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Unformatted text preview: However at that time, my academic advisor told me that the only way to improve my writings is to practice it. Therefore I decided to take the class, and this was such an opportunity to practice my English. Through the exercises, I was able to build strong ground for my clarity of my writing. I grew my skills in sentence variation for the essay. In addition, I became to clarify my flow of thoughts as well as detailing for the ideas. In sum I really appreciate this class for giving me an opportunity to practice and improve my English. This class has been a ground to enhance my English writing skills for my further academic career, therefore I am very grateful for the class....
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