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Revision letter - have put more emphasis on what...

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Hae Dong Yoo December 18, 2006 Professor Parmiter Writing the Essay Dear Professor Parmiter Greetings from your student. I am no very honoured to express what I have realized and improved about my writing over the period of my revision process. The overall idea of the essay is not changed. I was sure that my flow of idea was clear, but I did realize that the integration part for each of my chosen essayist was weak therefore I made a correction for this part. I also made corrections on word choices and integrating quotes with my sentences. In addition to that, becuase the most prevalent mistake in my writing was the grammatical mistake, I mainly went through to correct these mistakes. First correction that I’ve made was the integration of the ideas of chosen essayists and the transitional part. In transitions from one essayist to another essayist, I
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Unformatted text preview: have put more emphasis on what connections each writer makes i.e. the gap between ideal and reality and how to solve the gap. Second correction that I have made was the grammatical mistakes. Because I am a foreign student who lived a whole life in foreign country, I totally depended my grammatical revision on the native speaker peer who proofread my essay. Referring and following on her comments, I have polished my essay to include proper grammar, i.e. articles, phrases, clauses, sentence variations, etc. Therefore I mainly made a revision for two of these categories. I feel I did as much as I could do, and this is my best work. I only wish my reader to judge it, and whether he or she is negative or positive toward it is of no matter to me....
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