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exercise 1-part 2 - and sarcasms make mockery of the...

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Writing the Essay Prof. Tara Parmiter November 7, 2006 Hae Dong Yoo Most of the essays of the Jeanette Winterson assert the human spirit of freedom that is not bind by any other forms of governments. First of all she asserts romantic principles, the elevation of self and castigation for the government, in art and life and imagination and reality. In her essay art and life she note “I spent three years what modern governments more and more stop want students to do: thinking and reading widely,” (158) and in her another essay imagination and reality she notes “I do not think it an exaggeration to say that most of the energy of most of the people is being diverted into a system which destroys them.” (135) To elevate her point of the artistic inspiration makes human spirit free, she flips over what she asserted as an supporter of the group system i.e. but what is real about the values of a money culture? (imagination and reality, 138). Also, she uses lots of ironies
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Unformatted text preview: and sarcasms make mockery of the existing societal system—now it is a marketable commodity and more expensive than a good seat at covent garden, art and life, 159/ Nevertheless, there are plenty of heterosexual readers who won’t touch books by Queers and plenty of Queer readers who are only out to scan a bent kiss. Second, she questions the canonical concepts of the society. Especially in art and life and semiotics of sex, she frequently questions the canons, proceeding to cast romantic philosophy that are similar to that of Emerson, self-reliance, self-exultation, elevation of the self, etc. i.e. it is privilege to make book that people want to read but why would it be more appropriate less anachronistic, for me to spend the money I earn on a flashy lifestyle instead of funding my own peace and quiet? (art and life, 159). These are the primary methods of Winterson to develop her own ideas of spiritual freedom of humanity....
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exercise 1-part 2 - and sarcasms make mockery of the...

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