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1. reminds me of the romanticists: art and life, 158/ imagination and reality, 134 2. starts a new paragraph with a simple sentence that contains a summary of the idea: (I like to live slowly, 158, art and life), (Art is visionary, 136, imagination and reality), (we value sensitive machines, 647, semiotics of sex) 3. explains a concept, and develops it as if she is supporting it, and all of a sudden she questions the concept: (Yes? No?, 159, art and life), (but what is real about the values of a money culture?, imagination and reality, 138), (Why should she identify with the nude? What deep taboos make her unable to desire the nude?, the semiotics of sex, 645) 4. uses lots of irony: ( now it is a marketable commodity and more expensive than a good seat at covent garden, art and life, 159), (WE live in a money culture because they (Victorians) did, imagination and reality, 139/library glass saying industry and prudence conquer while the writer just blames at the society driving people toward these kinds of lives, art and life, 154), (not rationality not
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