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Exercise 2-Part1 - but it belongs by itself a separate...

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When the fiction or the poem has a powerful effect likely to be lasting, the reader feels personally attached to both the work and the writer (Winterson, 25). The world of the book is a total world and in a total world we fall in love (Winterson, 25). It is very strange to read something supposedly familiar, The Gospels, Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, and to find that it is quite unlike our mental version of it (Winterson, 26). The question put to the writer ‘How much of this is based on your own experience?’ is meaningless (Winterson, 28). Who should the poet serve? Society or the Muse? This was a brand new question and not a happy one (Winterson, 31). Some of my favourite books are written by people with whom I doubt that I could spend one hour. In print I can live with them forever because the strong line connecting us is love of language (Winterwon, 34). Art has been bundled away along with sport and entertainment sometimes even charity,
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Unformatted text preview: but it belongs by itself, a separate reality, a world apart…A work of fiction, a poem, that is literature, that is art, can only be itself, it can never substitute for anything else (Winterson, 35). As creatures of habit, the more we can remove from our immediate consciousness the better. To read something that gives us a certain satisfaction and a certain pleasure, even if its manner and its method is…more acceptable than grappling with the new (Winterson, 39) Once there, if the arrangement of the room is unfamiliar and the fabric strange, reflect that at least it is new, and that is what you say you want (Winterson, 43). Contrary to the bohemian stereotype, the true artist is highly organized and must constantly select and order her material choosing only that which can be shaped to an ultimate purpose (Winterson, 98). The Waves is not an easy book to master but it never tires and it never fades (Winterson, 99)....
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Exercise 2-Part1 - but it belongs by itself a separate...

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