Semiotics of Sex

Semiotics of Sex - A number of gay and lesbian writers have...

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Chosen sexual difference of one writer is, in itself, thought thought sufficient to bind her in semiotic sisterhood with any other writer, also lesbian, dead or alive. (103) What you fuck is much more important than how you write. This may be because reading takes more effort than sex. It may be because the word ‘sex’ is more exciting than the word ‘book.’ Or is it? (104) Outside of the mainstream of imposed choice is likely to make someone more conscious, it does not automatically make that someone an artist
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Unformatted text preview: A number of gay and lesbian writers have attracted an audience and some attention simply because they are queer. (104) Lesbians and gay men, who have to examine so much of what the straight world take for granted, must keep on examining their own standards in all things, and especially the standards we set for our own work. (105) If I am a writer, I will have to be careful, I must not fall into the trap of believing that my passion, of itself, is art. (105)...
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